Two Roads

One of those roads is not necessarily less traveled. I am just telling you about it.

“Some people, no matter what they are born into, are meant to be so much more.”

Once upon a time, I was born the 4th child to a woman named Robyn. She could not take care of any babies never mind 4 under the age of 5. So, fast forward a little while, and I was adopted. My siblings were not. Skip a few chapters to 19 years later, and I was meeting 2 of my sisters for the first time. It was an experience that was both exciting and incredibly sad. Why had so much time passed by without each other? Why did it have to be this way?

I’ll tell you why. Because I was not meant to be there. I was meant for more. That might sound bad to you, but keep in mind that this is only an EXTREMELY abridged version of the whole story. Even though we grew up 400 miles from each other, we faced very similar challenges both internally and externally. But there were two roads. Along the way, I saw short cuts, I saw tempting paths to the other road. Did I ever stray to things leading me to the other road? Sure. Then I woke up and remembered what I was fighting for. I was, and still am, fighting for the life I have always dreamed of. I am fighting for the more I am meant to be. I want to look back one day and know that I did everything I could. I want to know that I showed integrity, forgiveness, understanding and strength. I want to know that I lived in peace and love. {Peace and love, people.} I want to make my difference, and I want my mom who adopted me to give me a better life – to fulfill her dreams of being a mom – to know that even though life often didn’t turn out the way she hoped for me, I am more. I am becoming who I was meant to be.

Growing up, all I wanted in the whole world was a brother or sister. All I wanted was to know the siblings I was born with. I am eternally grateful for being given that opportunity. The family I found in that journey isn’t at all the family I thought I was going to find, but they are family.

I am planning on continuing down my road full steam ahead. Sometimes, that means leaving things behind. And, though I carry pieces of it all with me wherever I go, to rip off some lyrics from Kelly Clarkson, piece by piece I fell far from the tree.

It Just Makes Sense


That idea right there is actually a very profound thing that can lead to a great deal of understanding, forgiveness and happiness.

Think about it – how much time have you spent analyzing, regretting, wishing, being angry and sad – wondering why it didn’t work out with someone or what you could have done differently or better to still be with them? What if the answer was simply… because?

Because it simply didn’t fit. Because it just wasn’t right. Because they just weren’t the one.

Now, I have spent a lot of time wondering if “the one” was truly something that existed. I suppose I have always been optimistic (thus the continual effort to find such a person) but at the same time it seemed pretty fairy-tale like and maybe a little too flowery for me.

I have struggled a lot with believing the person was out there, trying to force people with whom I felt it could probably work, into that spot. Most of the boxes were checked and that was as good as it was going to get, right? I know you’ve been there too.

Then someone comes along and everything changes. It suddenly makes all the sense in the world why you had trouble figuring it out. Because. Because it just wasn’t right. The one is easy. It is without fear and without struggle (though you will go through struggles together, the being together part will always be easy). It is without judgement, and it is fun. When you find the one, you recognize them because they are the person you put out there into the universe. It’s not a new hello, but an “Oh, of course, there you are.” And in that moment, you can forgive everything and everyone and yourself. You can forgive the hurt; you can forgive the struggle. You can forgive yourself for mistakes, and for ever thinking that someone was the one when they weren’t because believing in love is brave and without a single one of those moments, you would not end up where you are. Just like that… it’s all worth it, and I’d do it ALL again to be where I am.

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Told You So

noun: gut; plural noun: guts
the stomach or belly.

the lower alimentary canal or a part of this; the intestine.

the internal parts or essence of something.

2. used in reference to a feeling or reaction based on an instinctive emotional response

Today, I’m thinking about my gut. Not the delicious breakfast I am about to throw down into definition 1, but the crazy, scary, all too accurate gut of definition 2. It took me a long time to realize that my gut was actually on point. I would get a vibe, feeling, instinct (whatever you want to call it) when I would meet someone for the first time, and I would always ignore it. I would think – How can I possibly know that about this person if I don’t actually KNOW them? So, I would go about the business of the winding road of a relationship, whether intimate or otherwise, and eventually end up right back where I started – my gut feeling.

The only problem with ignoring it, for me, has been that it took me down some pretty hurtful roads. Recently, you know the road I traveled was particularly windy and disastrous, and yet I still marched forward, determined to prove my gut WRONG. That was the last time. After that, I made a pact with myself that I would follow my gut from there on out. Let me tell you, it has not disappointed me.

So, giving this gut thing a shot, I’ve been able to spot red flags, recognize bad vibes before they infiltrate my life, kick out bad energy and refuse to accept anything lackluster.

Now, we all have our paths… things that teach us necessary lessons, people who show us new things, remind us of old things and jobs and people that take us places we wouldn’t otherwise experience… and all of that – that is the preparation. It’s all necessary, usually difficult and sometimes fun, but necessary for us to arrive at moment X. When you’re ready, moment X will arise in your gut and scream at you, “HERE I AM!”

Trust your gut. If you don’t know how to hear it, just listen for the first thing that pops into your head when you meet someone. Is it bad/good? Does it make you feel lighter? Does it make you feel awkward? Are you covering things up, or putting it all out there? These are all the hints of your all too accurate gut. Be calm. Listen. Trust.

Trying to Fail

On the way home from work today, I listened to a Ted Hour Podcast called Failure is an Option. So, while I creeped along the 90 minute drive of highway to highway to highway, I listened to this segment on both a professional and a personal level.

The theme of this podcast was centered around the fact that at Google, they not only accept failure on projects, but they actually reward it. They give employees time off and even bonuses when a big project reaches official failure in development. It probably sounds strange if you just don’t have the mentality to look at things as a process, journey, adventure etc. Why are we so afraid to fail? I’ve failed at so much shit and I have had to literally gather my life up again with a dustpan and some might consider that a mess, but I have learned so much, had a ton of fun and I have cried until I literally couldn’t move anymore. I have felt dark and down to the point of feeling like there was no way out. With this, I’ve experienced more than some people do in a lifetime.

Professionally speaking, if every person who was afraid to fail, didn’t take the risk they did, we wouldn’t have a lot of things we rely on and love today. Think about the inventors, innovators, idea stealers who created the very things you use on a daily basis. Failure is proof that you are trying. Failure is proof that you aren’t sitting on your ass day dreaming, but rather putting your ass on the line and DOING. I wish everyone would do instead of talk. That is one thing I can say about myself – if I want something, if I believe in something, you better watch the fuck out because it’s about to happen faster than you can say “you can’t do that.” I always thought that was a lame cliche that got bounced around “tell me I can’t, and I will,” I guess that’s because most people in my life know better than to doubt me, but recently, one of the biggest things I ever did, someone actually told me “you can’t just DO that. It doesn’t happen like that.” So, I walked out of the room and 4 weeks later, it was a reality and it has been one of the greatest things I have ever done.

I would like to be the kind of leader that leads the team at Google – failure is okay. Failure is okay if it means you’re putting your ideas on the line – risking your pride for an idea you believe in. That is a beautiful thing. Wishing you did and never doing it is true failure to me.

Personally speaking, I was thinking about relationships. Why are we so afraid to fail at relationships? We will literally stay with someone that completely screws up our universe because we don’t want to fail at it. We don’t want “another failed relationship.” Relationships are partially out of our control. Shit clashes. Shit doesn’t work. People are fucked up. People hurt us. We have little control over these things. Do you feel like a failure if you miss the train because it left 5 minutes early from the station? NO, you did your best. You got there on time, but the circumstances were out of your control. If you do your best, you should never be ashamed of failure whether it’s personal or otherwise. And this is all much easier said than done because when you put your everything into something it stings hard when it doesn’t work. Stomp your feet, have your moment (I have literally done this) and get over it. Figure out what didn’t work. Figure out when it’s time to walk away.

We must be brave and we must be humble in order to failure to be success. So go ahead; fail.

Something Different

Observations as of late:

I have the most kick ass friends out there. Don’t even try to compare. It ain’t gonna work. I mean for real – when you are so far down in the dark that you don’t even know which way is up and they give you a hand and then a leg and then a head and all the shoulders you could ever need to pull yourself up and out, that is legit.

Some places are home no matter how far away we get from there or how long it has been since we visited. I went on a solo camping trip this past weekend and I was laying there in a bunk bed, in a cabin, in the middle of the woods, with a wooden ladder obstructing my view as I looked out, and I thought – here I am. I brought myself back to the place where I first found myself. It wasn’t the exact place, but it was certainly that feeling of home.

It really is true that the lessons that alter us most are the most painful to learn. Cliche or not, that shit is real. They are the most rewarding as well. I was thinking about all of the most pivotal moments of my life and what I learned from them. It seems the more painful, the more impact -Maybe we just pay more attention to the things that really jar us – shift our core. But I also don’t think all big “lessons” have to be painful. It’s just a correlation from some of my experiences.

Very few things are ours and ours alone. Here’s what I believe is “mine”: my experiences, my thoughts, my actions, my reactions, my person (on loan for my time on Earth). Don’t let ANYONE ever take what is yours.

Forgiveness is the only thing that truly sets us free. Maybe I won’t ever fully shake the blow to my head, but my heart is open, and I am ready to forgive. I forgive because I appreciate that opportunity to go back down inside myself and dig out the courage that I squashed down. I forgive because I am now wiser. I forgive because now I see the difference and I will not accept anything other than DIFFERENT. I forgive because my soul deserves freedom.

You can be held and be free at the same time. I want to dance right there in that spot – held and free.

Destruction of State

forced jubilation
book-ended by
evil and despair.
tearing down
the light –
the goodness.
Systematic destruction
of this state
my state –
of mind.

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Time to Pare Down

Don’t ask me what kicked this off, but the past few weeks all I can think of is eliminating things in my life that are not necessary. Okay, maybe not quite all things that are not necessary, but I definitely want to cut down.

I want to start paring down the things that I don’t need and let myself breathe a little easier. If I can get rid of some of the things I don’t need, spend a little less and have a little less stress, I think that will be a success. I don’t really know how all of these things got here, but I think it is because I love so many things. I love working out and camping. I am all about the outdoor sports, so there’s the surfboard and the snowboard and the cross country skis. These things make me happy, and it’s fun to explore and do new things, so I don’t think I will get rid of certain things, but even if I can cut down on future accumulation – that works.

I’d like to try and see if I can spend only $20 a week. (Okay…maybe not $20!) Now, it’s not like I go on spending sprees and buy all of these things. I have accumulated them over time, but it just all goes hand in hand with cutting down. I wonder what different things I would do and see if I went to back to the early days of being so broke no matter how many jobs I worked.

So, next step is to go through the closets and make things a little simpler. It’s all about simple…peaceful…free.

My 9 Lives.

I post a lot about life racing by and growing older, and if you don’t like it, you probably won’t like this one either. I don’t know why I focus on it so much. Maybe it’s because I honestly don’t really understand how I am still alive, so I spend a lot of time thinking about what the hell I am doing here since clearly I’ve been given multiple chances.

If you know me pretty well, you know that I always claim to have nine lives. This is because I have somehow managed to escape death not once, or twice, but four times by the time I was 20. I’ll fill you all in on that another day. It’s been a little quiet the past ten years, which is scary.

So anyway, this morning I am drinking coffee and scrolling through Facebook when I get to a childhood friend’s page. (We all know how that goes – one minute you’re on your news feed and ten minutes later, you’re looking at someone’s brother’s friend’s vacation.) From that page I clicked on a mutual childhood friend’s page and then all of the sudden I am looking at pictures of all of us with braces and wide smiles. We were so young and had so much ahead of us. Now, it’s certainly not like life is over now by any means, but it sure seems as if it’s a far cry from those days. Now we have receding hair lines, miscarriages, lay offs, and we are generally too tired to do much of anything sometimes.

I watched this video this morning which is right up my alley because it illustrates exactly what we spend our lives doing and how much of it is actually left for us.

I mean…relatively speaking, that’s not a lot of jelly beans in the first place. Once you subtract more than 1,000 days for driving and another 1500 for cooking, and all of the other stuff we push through on a daily basis, what is left is a ridiculously small amount left.

Have you looked at a picture of yourself at the age of 8, 13, 17 lately? Look at it – really look at it. Appreciate everything you have learned since then and use it to be a better person, but also think about all of the things you wanted to do at 8, 13 and 17. Be the person you admired when you were that age. Be the person you wanted to be and do all the things you wanted to do. Don’t step on your jelly beans. Savor them. I hate popcorn flavored jelly beans. I will still savor them too because one day they might be the only flavor I have left.

Life and Fitness

I have been trying to figure out what the perfect balance is when it comes to health for quite some time now. This is not unique to me at all, and in fact, medical researchers are trying to figure out the very same thing. So, why am I so special? I have no idea, but I’m going to write about it anyway.

I play roller derby, I surf, I snowboard, I DO NOT RUN, I hike, and I am overall pretty active. So, in trying to take my derby game to the next level, I started getting really into fitness about a year and a half ago. I upped my workouts, workout frequency, and I started to be very strict with myself when it came to diet. I wasn’t ON a diet because I was not trying to lose weight, but what you eat is your diet. There is a difference. I say that because it’s really annoying when people say “Why are you on a diet? You’re so skinny!” Well, first of all, I am not on a diet, I just try to be healthy. Second, MAYBE THAT’S WHY I AM SKINNY IN THE FIRST PLACE. So…back to my point. I was strict, and I still am, however, I am trying to create a little bit more balance with things I enjoy.

Things I enjoy:

French fries
Dipping Sauce
Sweet Potato Fries
Did I mention French Fries?

So where do the French fries, chocolate chip cookies and beer come in? There was no room before and I felt like I was in GREAT shape, but it started to get in the way of life a little bit. I didn’t want to go out to eat because I didn’t want the temptation. If I went out with friends, I refused to order a beer. I mean, don’t get me wrong, there is something to be said for being so dedicated to something that you just stick to it for as long as you need to. There is also something to be said for the fact that you could die tomorrow, and if I knew that tomorrow I was going to die, I kind of would like some French fries tonight.

I go back and forth with myself so often on this. Where is the line? People always say, oh, it’s only one night…one meal…one beer…one slice…BUT you are the 10th person to say that to me this week. So it’s not one slice, but rather 10.

Then there are the nights that I just want to sit on my couch and order a pizza and eat the entire thing without breathing. That could be an entirely different blog.

The truth is, what I have found over the past 6 months or so that I have been balancing life and fitness a bit more is that I am honestly a little happier. I only gained back a few pounds, I feel strong and when I am seriously craving a beer or French fries, I go for it. I also cut out a day at the gym. Instead of working out 6 days a week, I am working out 5. From that, I have gained a little extra sleep, and there is certainly something to be said for THAT.

So what do you think? Are you going to have the beer and order the fries?

This X Doesn’t Mark the Spot

I am not sure when it happened, but somewhere in the last couple of years I stopped crossing the days off of my calendar. Whatever reason it is that you do it, not doing it has certainly helped me tackle that whole living in the moment thing everyone raves about.

Crossing the days off the calendar helps us countdown to the weekend, end of the month, time off or a big trip. What it doesn’t help us do is realize that we are living to cross days off. It becomes about the dwindling of the days – the diminishing number between present day and the day at the end of the tunnel.

I don’t even think I’ve meant to do it, but I’ve actually been avoiding calendars entirely. A couple of months ago, I switched jobs and moved. So, I no longer have a calendar at my desk. I didn’t have a calendar in my kitchen (as I always did). And all of the sudden, I realized, I have no countdowns. I am not preoccupied by crossing days off, and I am a little happier because of it.

As I am getting a little older (still so young, I know), I also know that I no longer want to be crossing days off like they are just obstacles between today and a goal. Everyday something amazing can happen. Your life can change. It can be a completely ordinary day, but if nothing awful happened, well then that’s a pretty good day, too.

Literally, every single day you cross off, you are crossing off A DAY OF YOUR LIFE. You are getting closer to the end. Think about that. It could be in a week or it could be 70 years. You really have no idea, but the truth is that every day you get closer. If we cross the days off because it feels like it makes the weekend or the vacation come quicker, then think about this – IT MAKES THE END COME QUICKER.

Stop crossing the days off…or don’t. I recommend giving it a shot. For all of you brides out there who have 93458349583985938 days until your wedding day – chill out. It’s so exciting, I know. Well, I don’t know, but I get it. Just let it happen.